GDPR without tears

You will be ready for GDPR with our practical three-part GDPR-readiness package delivered by data strategy experts.

Choose a one part, two part or three part package depending on your organisation’s needs.

Don’t ignore GDPR – contact us 


We use a range of creative thinking techniques to help you look beyond GDPR and visualise your data future.

By the end of the day you will:

  • Have a good understanding of key GDPR concepts such as Accountability, Individuals’ Rights and Consent (to name a few)
  • Have explored the opportunities that GDPR offers for your organisation
  • Be empowered to speak with authority on GDPR within your organisation.

What’s more, you will be GDPR aware not scared. 


The implications of GDPR are different for every organisation. We will explore what it means for yours.

We will do this by:

  • Engaging all departments and stakeholders in an exploratory analysis of your data estate
  • Finding out what data you have, how you collect it, how secure it is, and how the ICO would view it
  • Sitting with you and working through the ICO’s guidance.

At the end of the day, you will know where you stand, where there are grey areas, and what your risks are. You will also feel empowered to report this to your organisation at all levels.


This is a written record of your GDPR Surgery outcomes. If you need it, we will:

  • Present the output of your surgery day in a bespoke document
  • Communicate our findings simply and clearly
  • Suggest next steps for your organisation

This takes place off-site so you don’t need to use precious man-hours (although we do expect you to read it!)


At the end of this process, you may feel that your organisation would benefit from a listening ear for your GDPR questions – we can provide that extra safety net in the form of a friendly, human advisor with great communication skills! This is especially useful for organisations where GDPR exploits a lot of grey areas.


Service level What you get Price
Bronze Part one £999
Silver Parts one and two £1849 (Most Popular)
Gold Parts one, two and three £3546
Platinum Parts one, two and three + aftercare £5999

Prices are based on the assumption that parts two and three take the typical amount of time (one day and two days respectively). Some organisations are more complex than this but we would find that out prior to work commencing.